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Convention Contest Escort Guidelines:

Escorts are to arrive at the ballroom at 12:30 sharp. Escorts will meet backstage for a brief instructional overview.

Plan on being available until 4:30pm plan on having a snack/lunch before you arrive. Wear comfortable shoes and dress up. We will provide instructions as to procedure: escorting people on stage, off stage, to the judges, and then to the photographers.

Example: Females pair up with males, and vice versa, emcee announces the participant and artist in the categories in order: Sleeve, Best Female, Realistic, Portrait, Leg, 15 minute break, Backpiece, Large Tattoo, Best Male, Black & Grey, Unique. Please plan on being present and available the entire time during the contest.

Each contestant will have a number which is color coded for the particular category they are showing; some may be in more than one category.

Some participants may be exhibiting for the first time – help them relax, tell them to smile and to hold their entry number near their tattoo and have fun. Part of being an escort is making this an enjoyable experience for the participant(s) you are escorting.

You will be standing next to your entrant back stage in numerical order; be ready when the emcee calls their name, some will escort to the stage area, other escorts will be at the other end to guide people of stage and then to the judging area and then photographs. Once done, be ready to pair up with another participant.

***3% of the total will be added to all online transactions.*** Checks and forms can be mailed to…NTA Convention Payments485 Business Park LaneAllentown, PA 18109