Info on NTA Convention 2018

The 2018 NTA convention will be held April 25th – 29th Cruise on the 30th

at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel at SeaWorld in Orlando, FL.

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Convention Administration Update

Starting 8/8/2017 Red McCloughen is now handling all

booth inquiries / submissions / contracts & convention booth information.
Thank You, NTA Home Office
phone … 407 319 0018
e mail …
address: NTA Florida
2565 Broadview Drive
Kissimmee FL 34744

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*** New for 2018 ***

After the 2017 NTA Convention Armadillo Red came up with a great new idea for next year’s NTA convention. He suggested instead of a Host next time how about a Grand Marshall instead? I loved his idea and Charlotte Guttenberg and Chuck Helmke came to my mind, I thought, they’d be perfect, and as I was about to say their names Red said, “I was thinking that Charlotte & Chuck would make the best First Co-Grand Marshall’s for 2018”. JJ Told Red PERFECT! He contacted them and they said “YES! They would be honored.”  In reality – it is we, who are honored that they said YES! The following is a letter from them to let you know that they have already gotten started on their role as Co-Grand Marshall’s for 2018…


Unexpected Honor

By Chuck Helmke and Charlotte Guttenberg

2018 Convention Co-Grand Marshals

“Wow!” that was my immediate reaction when we were asked to be the first grand marshals for the 39th annual convention. I was definitely stunned and speechless, a situation that does not often occur – the speechless part.

“It was such an unexpected honor,” Chuck confirmed my first reaction. (He is a much deeper thinker than I.) “I was flabbergasted.”

From the time we walked under the portal at the Doubletree a few years back, to attend our first NTA convention, we were made welcome by members standing around outside. They were people we didn’t even know. I feel certain they didn’t know us either. But that has been our experience with NTA, everyone is made to feel welcome.

We weren’t certain at first how we would be received. Another member who was misinformed, told us at the last minute that although we could attend, we could not participate in anything – including the contests. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong – as we soon found out. We did become NTA members but only as we were leaving the convention after being included in everything that had been going on the whole time we were there.

One of our goals as grand marshals is to help bridge the communication gap – dispel misinformation floating about. We want to assist in getting people to attend the convention and join NTA as members, regardless of their being tattooists, enthusiasts, or the curious. How can we do this? We have already started touting the convention through social media and will continue to do so. We plan to work with Red and Flo to help them get everything underway and well-publicized to the best of our abilities.

“My particular goal as grand marshal this coming year, is to help lay a foundation for continued growth of the NTA.” Chuck said. “I want to help to build the organization and assist it in absorbing new members, both tattooed and non-tattooed people.”

We both feel that there is an enormous interest in tattooing at the present. Why not capitalize on that interest? Although the information people have garnered from whatever sources, likely televised reality shows, may be incorrect, this may be our opportunity to correct those wrong notions and win the respect of those people.

Personally, my goal is the same as the goal I hold in all that do – promoting kindness, consideration, and respect to everyone I meet. (Yes, I do fail miserably, at times, but I move on from failure.) I have a clipping on my bulletin board that states, “In the end only KINDNESS matters…” I believe that and it is why I am a member of the organization, because that is all we have ever encountered in NTA, kindness. Kindness = respect. Respect = understanding. New math? Perhaps. Does it matter as long as the end result is achieved?

We hope to see all of you at the convention. When we reserved our rooms last month, the hotel was ready and had the discount in place and signed us up. We are looking forward to seeing the completion of the projects that were underway when we were last there. This is going to be amazing! All of it!

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Photo credit: Guinness World Records


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A few people told me they do not come to the NTA Family Reunions/Conventions because they are not part of the NTA Family since they are not NTA members. So… as an NTA Member please be sure to let others know that:

Our answer to that is: Not holding an NTA membership does not prohibit you from attending, nor does it make you unwelcome! Many who attend the conventions are not official NTA members. With that being said, membership is not a requirement. If you are involved with tattooing or have a love for the art, you are invited to share memories with the rest of the NTA Tattoo family, as you share the same common interest with the rest of us: TATTOOING. Please do not let your membership status discourage you from joining in on the fun of our family reunions. If you like tattoos YOU ARE FAMILY – period – end of story.

We’d love to
“Welcome You” to the
NTA Family Reunion/Convention!

Although we will not pressure you to become a member, we’d love to have you attend our events and consider joining in the future!
As that saying goes:
The More the Merrier!
Hope to meet you there!

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well, and having a great year. Summer will be over soon, and before you know it we will be in Orlando. Looking forward to all of our events and activities. Speaking of which, the Jam Session on Saturday night was a huge success, and everyone had a great time. Really was one of the many highlights of the weekend, with at least eight guitars, a hand drum, and other instruments getting involved. As well as multiple people singing along. I’m tellin ya, we have a lot of hidden talent  among our people! We were getting a lot of requests thrown at us. Some we knew how to play, others we unfortunatly did not, but we really would have liked to be able to play them.

So…if you plan on attending  the jam session this coming year, and have a song or songs that you would like to hear, or play, or just sing while we play for you, start sending them to me.

Then I can print out multiple copies of these songs, and pass them around to the musicians and singers. It was good last year, and with this tweak, it’ll be even better next year. The hotel has also installed fire pits in the area we use. A very nice added attraction. So start sending me requests please, and remember, requests written on the back of twenty dollar bills get top priority.

Send your requests to: